Announcing the ForgeRock University Achievement Award

Announcing the ForgeRock University Achievement Award

Announcing the ForgeRock University Achievement Award

Every year, the ForgeRock University team meets to reflect on the performance of our team, faculty and authorized learning partners. We are pleased to announce the winners of the ForgeRock University Achievement Award.

We have created the Academic Achievement Awards to recognize excellence in student experience, growth and innovation. Thanks to the Six Sigma standards and our Metrics that Matter study, we were able to identify the personalities who really made a difference over the past year.

Our Awards of Excellence recognize excellent work by an authorized instructor and training partner.

Drumroll, please!

Awards for Best Authorized Training Partners ExitCertified/TechData Academy (USA).

ExitCertified became the first authorized training partner of ForgeRock to join the family in 2015. It’s very nice to see how our old friends manage and get stronger every year. Between 2018 and 2019, they increased the number of student days by almost 20% compared to the previous year. This means that about a third of all student days at ForgeRock University in 2019 can be used for the incredible efforts of ExitCertified. In addition, their dedicated team has been able to improve the overall quality of education in this growth phase. This achievement deserves applause and is well worth our Outstanding Authorized Training Partner Award!

The Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to Rajesh Rajaseharan of the Red Education Organization (REO).

Evangelical technologist Rajesh partnered with Red Education in 2017 to provide specialized public and private education throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He is one of our most sought-after teachers, whose students regularly lend him a hand and emphasize his incredible experience, patience and interactive way of learning.

With more than ten years of experience as a teacher, Rajesh strives to offer his students the best possible experience. And you can see that. Rajesh’s total score was 95.1%, making him the first ForgeRock instructor to win this prize twice in a row!

Join us in congratulating our excellent partners and teachers on their fantastic achievements. We’re looking forward to seeing who will be competing for the prizes next year.

Acquisition of new skills

Do you want to acquire new skills and prepare for your new working environment? ForgeRock University offers 50% discount on all real-time virtual courses at the end of July 2020. In addition, students enrolling in certification-related courses will receive a free voucher for the ForgeRock Certified Specialist exam at the end of the year. Recent additions to the training plan include a ForgeRock identity management workshop and the use of the ForgeRock identity platform using DevOps techniques. More information about here.

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